The Entrance Band Tour is over now...

  • and i think it's time for a big THANK YOU to...

    - ☮PAZ.DEREK.GUeYe & Sam (it was rad!,thanks for taking me with you!) 
    ...all the promoters, bookers, organisers & venues
    ...sun and the wolf dudes, horrowits dudes & all the other support bands

    ...the people that shared their appartements or houses :)
    ...the (grand)mothers and all who made this great food
    ...of course sis shazzula for the amazing work!
    ...and last but not least and probably most important ..to all the people who came to the shows and showed their love and support, without you it would not be possible!

    i hope that europe will be so lucky to enjoy the magic of TEB soon again!

    ☮ minik

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