MARS RED SKY - European Tour Dates Spring 2012

Ladies and Gentlemen,

i'd like to present you the upcoming dates for france's finest - MARS RED SKY! (scroll down for dates and regions)
After the SxSW & US-Tour in march they got invited to ROADBURN / DESERTFEST / FREAK VALLEY & DUSTOWN FESTIVAL and now tour the dates in between!
Come by and experience MARS RED SKY stoking the fire of a voodoo mass with their 70’s old school riffs and their psychedelic groove.




03.30. (F) DIJON Deep Inside
03.31. (F) REIMS - La Cartonerie
04.11. (F) BORDEAUX - Le Krakatoa
04.12. (F) ROUBAIX - La Condition Publique
04.13. (B) ANTWERP - Kavka
04.14. (NL) TILBURG - Roadburn Festival **
04.15. (NL) LEEUWARDEN - Mukkes **
04.16. (D) available - get in contact!
04.17. (P) GDYNIA - Desdemona
04.18. (P) WARSAW - Fonobar
04.19. (P) WROCLAW - Alive
04.20. (D) BERLIN - Desertfest **
04.21.(D) WÜRZBURG - Immerhin **
05.02. (ESP) DONASTIA (San Sebastian) - Le Bukowski
05.03. (ESP) PONTAVEDRA - Liceo Mutante
05.04. (PO) LISBON - Club Noir
05.05. (PO) PORTO - Armazem do Chà
05.06. (ESP) LEON - Taberna Belfast
05.17. (F) EPINAL - Le Lavoir Théâtre
05.18. (D) NETPHEN - Freak Valley Festival **
05.19. (D) HALLE(SAALE) - Hühnermanhatten **
05.20. (D) BAYREUTH - Glashaus **
05.21. (D/NL/DK) available - get in contact!
05.22. (DK/SW) available - get in contact!
05.23. (DK) KOPENHAGEN - Stengade 30
05.24. (NO) OSLO- Crossroadclub
05.25. (DK) available - get in contact!
05.26. (D) BERLIN - Dustown Festival **
05.27. (D) DRESDEN - Bärenzwinger ** w/ Asteroid
05.30. (F) ANGERS - Le Chabada
06.01. (F) NANTES - Le Stakhanov
06.05. (F) TOURS - Festival Aucard de Tours

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MARS RED SKY - SxSW & U.S.-Tourdates

Take a look where and when MARS RED SKY are playing in the U.S.

probs go out to White Orange & Ancient Warlocks



ASTEROID TourDates Announcement

Ladies & Gentlemen,
MrMinikBooking is proud to present:

The Mighty ASTEROID Travelling Show 2012!

After the split release with Blowback back in 2006, the first full length in 2007 and the sophomore album in 2010 - Asteroid are now one of the leading stoner/psychedelic rock bands in Europe and famous for bringing new sounds and ideas to the genre with their wide mix of 70's rock, blues and Swedish folk.
The band has spent a lot of time touring in countries which include Sweden, England, Finland and Central Europe, shared the stage with such bands as Graveyard, My Sleeping Karma, Abramis Brama and Witchcraft. They have also played several big festivals (for example the well known Stoned from the Underground).
Now after a line-up change in early 2011 and finding a new drummer in Henrik Jansson - the time has come - ASTEROID strikes again.
They are now in the process of recording the eagerly awaited 7" and rehearsing new tracks for the next full length album, which is scheduled to be recorded in late 2012.

The Mighty Asteroid Travelling Show starts at Desertfest London in April and continues with a central European tour May/June - be prepared!

! come by - drop out !



06.4. (UK) London - Desertfest (acoustic set 1pm - regular set 10pm)

25.5. (D) Berlin - Bassy @DusTownFestival
26.5. (D) Halle(Saale) - VL Club w/ Fake Blanche(D)
27.5. (D) Dresden - Bärenzwinger w/ Mars Red Sky(FR) (tbc)
28.5. (D) Würzburg - Cairo w/ The Flying Eyes(US)
29.5. (D) Bielefeld - AJZ
30.5. (D) Darmstadt - OettingerVilla w/ The Baboon Show (SWE)
31.5. (NL) Alkmaar - Merv's w/ Fill Bloom(NL)
01.6. (NL) Middelburg - DeSpot w/ A Generation After(NL)
02.6. (NL) Roermond - Azijnfabriek
03.6. (FR) Paris - LesCombustibles
04.6. - DAY OFF - (we've earned it!)
05.6. (AT) Innsbruck - p.m.k.
06.6. (AT) Wien - Shelter
07.6. (D) Schwandorf - Grafenbeck
08.6. (D) Wutha-Farnroda - JH Crocodile
09.6. (NL) Oostburg - The Lane @Massafest III