MARS RED SKY (FR) & JOHNFISH SPARKLE (IT) join the MinikBooking Roster

Good eve everyone,

it is withing great proud that i can tell that MARS RED SKY from France chose MrMinik to put on a small tour in November! (16.-27.11. for details look at dates&avails section).

MARS RED SKY is a french stoner/psychedelic rock band from Bordeaux.

On a winter night in 2007, Julien Pras and Jimmy Kinast met at a tiny club in Bordeaux for the Berlin Vs Brooklyn show, a repetitive math-rock duet. The surprise that awaits them is huge: behind his drums, Benoit Busser is a perfect fusion of John Bonham and Todd Trainer. Blown away by his technique, Julien and Jimmy will imagine on their side the band they could form together and finally achieve their musical fantasies.By this time, Julien Pras was currently promoting the 5th album of his band Calc and was dreaming of a noisy psychedelia with Big muff pedals and plenty of reverberated guitars. On his side, Jimmy Kinast who held his bass during the 90’s in several noisy pop bands is feeding the same desire.It won’t take long before benoit et Julien will start working together. After three jubilant and productive rehearsals ( two tracks are then developed) Jimmy join them behind the bass.Obssesed by the 70’s, from Black Sabbath to Led zeppelin, and more recently by Dead Meadows and the band witch, the three of them will form Mars Red Sky
The alchemy is here and they will soon be writing many songs together. Jimmy and Julien are sharing the microphone, their universe is heavy and aerial at the same time, especially based on the use of a particular tuning, a good half-dozen semitones below normal.
Encouraged by the first concerts they played in Bordeaux and the response they received from a well surprised audience, they decided to record their songs properly, in the stones of this magical Spanish place called the Bardenas desert.

Pierre Fillon, in charge of the recording and the mixing, will help to shape and colour the whole project.

In 2011, Mars Red Sky is finally ready to conquer the clubs all over Europe.
Opening act for the great Sleepy Sun from San Francisco, Tweak Bird, Shannon Wirght, A Place To Bury Strangers, Earth and Killing Joke at the Bataclan In Paris. After a tour in Germany and Netherland next June, Mars Red Sky will also play Les Eurockennes 2011 Festival on July the 2nd with Queen Of The Stone Age, Motorhead and Kyuss Lives!

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Besides that also JOHNFISH SPARKLE, a rad powertrio from Italy joined MinikBooking for putting on a tour in december! (15.-24.12. for details look at dates&avails section).

JOHNFISH SPARKLE is a psychedelic blues rock power trio from Italy.

JOHNFISH SPARKLE was born at the end of March 2008. The Band was formed by Dave Perilli on Bass guitar, RobGasoline on Drums and Al Serra on Vocals and Lead Guitars. The Sound of Johnfish Sparkle it's a genuine mix of blues, rock and many other styles. In august 2008 the Band entered the Studio to record their First Album and signed for swedish label Transubstans Records. The record earned lots of good Reviews from Webzines and Magazines.

In 2011 the band came together to make their new record FLOW which is going to be released via Transubsans Records again. The official date is set for October 5th 2011!


If you are interested in doing a show for one of these amazing acts - as always feel free to write to mrminik@ymail.com


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 on tour from 23.09.2011 - 11.10.2011 [for avails check dates&avails section]

Hailing from the California desert come
The history laden quartet play high energy, no-nonsense rock ‘n roll and are no strangers to the road.

Formed in 2005 by Chris Cockrell A.K.A Vic du Monte (Ex-Kyuss), Alfredo Hernandez (Ex-Kyuss & Queens of the Stone Age) and English musician/producer James Childs, who has worked with members from Portishead to Motorhead. Vic and Alfredo are pioneers of the desert generator parties that gave rise to the now legendary Kyuss. By association the band went on to release their debut album on fellow Kyuss member Brant Bjork’s Duna Records.

After the band’s initial US & European tours, Cargo Records in Germany signed the band for their subsequent eponymous release and the band remained on the road in Europe throughout 2005/6. In 2007, they began work on their self-released “Autoblond” album which won the attention of even more rock and roll fans and critics alike, including their current label Go Down Records.
The “Split Connection” Ep was released in 2009 followed by more touring as the band’s relationship with their Italian label grew.

Along with their new addition of bassist Dylan Roche (Brant Bjork & The Bros), VIC DU MONTE'S PERSONA NON GRATA are poised to garner legions of new fans in Europe and beyond with the release of their third album:
“Barons & Bankers”.


  RUTSI BUBA (ISR - DmDmCreations/HighFidelity // GARAGE ROCKABILLY)

 on tour from 12.09.2011 - 29.09.2011 [for avails check dates&avails section]

RUTSI BUBA are a Garage-Rockabilly trio, deeply based in the Tel Aviv and Israeli rock'n'roll and indie scene.
Playing live nonstop, they had just released their first album "AgaAgaBoo",
with two labels in Israel (DmDm Creations and High Fidelity).
Rutsi Buba are taking their ear-pleasing and feet-bombing live show over to Germany and Czech Republic this September.

from the press:
"A kicking, joyful and super-danceable album"
- Time Out Tel Aviv
"One of the most exciting Rock'n'Roll bands in Israel today... rare qualities that most indie bands don't have"
- Galleria, Haaretz National Daily Paper


  VERACRASH (IT - Go Down Records // PSYCH STONER)

on tour from 13.09.2011 - 20.09.2011 [for avails check dates&avails section]

VERACRASH is a heavy psych stoner band from Milan, Italy. Their debut album, entitled "11:11" has received tons of enthusiastic reviews in the "stoner rock/heavy psych" community across Italy, Europe and US.
Thus allowing the band to tour Europe and share the stage with top class artists such as Brant Bjork (US) , Mondo Generator (US), Truckfighters (SWE), Nebula (US) and many others. Their well known high energy live shows and the incredible amount of good feedbacks that followed the release of "11:11" make them one of the most promising european "stoner rock" band around these days.
In 2011 VERACRASH is entering the studio again to record their 2nd full-lengh which is going to be released in early 2012.

VERACRASH has been invited to play LiveAtHeart Festival in Örebro,Sweden on 16. & 17.09. is now preparing for their 2nd EU-Tour around that date!


  TALBOT (EST - Talk Left-Handed Records // DOOM)
 on tour from 02.09.-29.09.2011 & 14.10.-12.11.2011 [for avails check dates&avails section]

TALBOT - the duo of doom.
Coming from Estonia's capital Tallinn, duo has been conquering the world actively since 2008.
With Magnus Andre on bass guitar, synths, vocals and Jarmo Nuutre on drums, vocals and sometimes them both with some other lovely gadgets, Talbot has created a unique sound of their own - massive, atmospheric and noisy with a nice amount of psychedelia on top of it.
Duo loves to DIY. Besides Magnus being responsible for recording, Talbot also
self-released their EP "Tundra" in 2008 and album "EOS" in 2010 under Jarmo's label - Talk Left-Handed. The band is also managed by Jarmo, and books their own gigs and tours.
"Tundra" was later re-released as a limited edition by ConSouling Sounds and "EOS" re-released by Slow Burn Records, and nominated for the Best Metal album of 2010 at Estonian Music Awards.
After touring in Australia, Russia and several times in Europe, Talbot is currently planning the bigger steps. Writing new material, organizing a lot of next tours etc.
So, stay alert and be sure to monitor Talbot's websites for the fresh news about new releases, upcoming shows and more.


Feel free to make solid offers writing a mail to mrminik@ymail.com