GONGA Tourdates & news about MrMinik

Dear friends and musiclovers,

first off, the dates for GONGAs first leg of their euro tour are confirmed. Check Shows section for details!

And some news regarding MrMinikBooking:
I've been doing this booking stuff for more than 4 years now and it's been life changing in many ways. Put on some great shows and got involved in VOID Fest, travelled a lot and saw some beautiful cities and countries all over europe, met some fantastic people (which some of became real good friends over the years) and of course - met so many great bands and musicians!
It's always been a hobby i've been doing in my spare time just for bands i really loved. Even though i made some real good connections over the years and all tours worked out well, i've never been able to take the next step and do it more professional.
Well things change and now i'm very happy to announce that from now on there's no more MrMinikBooking - but i won't stop working.
You may have heard of the fantastic tourbooking company named MAGNIFICENT MUSIC based in Berlin (who for example did KADAVAR and THE FLYING EYES Tours last year(s)). We've been in contact for a long time i now got offered to work as a agent for MM!

I'm feeling honoured and really looking forward to put some energy and passion into my "new job" :) Thanks Äxl for your confidence! Let's get it on!


GONGA (Bristol,UK) team up with MrMinik . euro spring tour - taking offers now!

Hello dear Friends,Booker and Promoter,

this time, after quite a long break i can offer you a brandnew brilliant band in my roster - hailing from Bristol in England - massive GONGA!

Formed more than 10 years ago by the brothers Tom and George the instrumental power trio creates heavy riffage stoner and brings a massive and powerfull live show to your venue!
Recommended for Fans of Earthless, TonerLow, BlackBombaim, KarmaToBurn, TheMachine,...

- instrumental power trio - 

using thoughts
 creating landscape for your ears
you can think and feel at the same time


T.Elgie - The Drummer
G.Elgie - Guitarist
Latch - Bassist

Clawing their way out of the dank blackness of their riff research laboratory and hungry for the flesh of new twisted listeners, Gonga bring forth a new offering – a Concrescence.
In the five years since their last outpouring of un-anchored HeavyRock, Transmigration, Gonga managed to lose/fire/upset every bass player in the region. Brothers Thomas (dramatic battery) and George (riff philosophy) having survived war and mental abuse from the outside world found a new phenomenon walking the golden triangle right in front of their (third) eyes; a specialist in detail – you could say a time-stretch professional. And so, Latch self-sacrificed himself to the group before he even joined; the perfect combination of Geezer Butler and Cliff Burton muttering arcane wisdom.
A trinity of Earth forms was instantly created; bull, goat, ram. The strength of the triangle allowed the 3 to set about HeavyRock construction. Without singer the aim became to create aural landscapes for band and listener to use as a launchpad for remote viewing, for mental and spiritual enlightenment and for emotional therapy. One could refer to it as instrumental HeavyRock for the philosophical connoisseur.
Riff research and late night experimentations led the trio into unexplored territories of voiceless riff/rhythm. Years passed and the brew grew strong, as did the urge to commit the aural paintings to vinyl.
Six tracks, two sides - Concrescence, a region of complexity in comparison to its surroundings.
Gonga hail from Bristol, UK. This is their third album. They have toured with Mondo Generator and High On Fire and have performed at DunaJam in Sardinia, Glastonbury and Download Festivals as well as recording a Maida Vale session for Zane Lowe (Radio 1). Their favourite colour is black or green or something probably.

April 16th - May 1st
festivals, club shows, special events, attractive supports
We'll be happy to receive your interest! Please end your offers, dates and avails to mrminik@ymail.com so that we can determine the touring period as soon as possible - thanks!

Best regards and looking forward to your feedback!
Dominik / GONGA


BLACK BOMBAIM - portugals finest acid rockers

Olá Chaps,

MrMinik is happy again because another amazing band is now being booked by him!
Let's welcome Portugals' finest psych-intrumental-space rockers

This heavy and acid driven, yet innovative band from Barcelos just put out their second LP called "TITANS" - and the name already tells you - it's a massive piece of sounds!
With guests like Steve Mackay (Stooges), Isaiah Mitchell (Earthless/Howlin Rain), Noel V. Harmonson (Comets on Fire) you can expect pure listening pleasure and mind- & earblowing live shows!

They will be touring from 22.Nov. - 06.Dec. and we still got some days to fill - check the dates section and write a mail if you want to have them in your town!

BLACK BOMBAIM also just got announced to play at 2013 edition of the most amazing festival in this scene ever - the world famouse Roadburn!

Cheers n beers,



Hello dear fuzzers,

I'm very proud  to announce that one of Swedens finest and again one of MrMiniks jewels called the BLUES PILLS are going to hit the stage at 2013s ROADBURN FESTIVAL!
In addition to this sweet news the band also announced today that they're going to enter the studio and record the eagerly awaited first full-lengh album soon!

We’re very pleased to announce that Sweden’s Blues Pills will be making their appearance at Roadburn Festival 2013 on Thursday, April 18 at the 013 venue in Tilburg, Holland.
After their abrupt departure from Radio Moscow, drummer Cory Berry and bass player Zack Anderson grouped with classical-trained Swedish lead singer Elin Larsson and French guitar player Dorian Sorriaux to form Blues Pills, a dynamic hybrid between blues rock of the 60s and the heavy 70s. Think heavy, driving bass lines, colossal drums and ferocious, riff based, soul-penetrating guitar work, tied together by the incredible soulful voice of Larsson, sometimes singing in her mother tongue, and whose timbre, range and power is reminiscent of Susan Tedeschi and Janis Joplin.
Blues Pills‘ sound is very diverse as shown on Bliss, their 4-track debut for Crusher Records. The band has put lots of emphasis on both dynamics and emotion by bringing out beautiful harmonics, escaping the the typical 12-bar form for Peter Green‘s Fleetwood Mac-inspired melodies and a more progressive Zeppelin-like structure.
With our fondness for Swedish rock (we have invited the likes of Witchcraft, Graveyard, Dead Man, Horisont, Troubled Hourse, Spiders et al to previous festivals) it’s not surprising that Blues Pills are appearing at Roadburn 2013 and not just because they are Swedish…but because they bring out the best heavy 70s inspired rock we have heard in a long time.
Roadburn Festival 2013 will run for four days from Thursday, April 18th to Sunday, April 21st, 2013 (the traditional Afterburner event) at the 013 venue in Tilburg, Holland.


VOID FEST \/ 03.&04.August 2012 (D) 93491 Stamsried

Hello followers of the fuzz,

Hier einige Infos über das grandiose VOID FEST - schnell Karten besorgen und weitersagen - es wird fanstastisch!
I'd like to inform you about the VOID FEST in the bavarian forest - check out the amazing line-up and get your ticket soon and tell your friends and family - its gonna be fantastic!


+ one more t.b.a.

Auto Dauerer
Ochsenweid 12
93491 Stamsried


Presale Festival Ticket:    22 €
Door Festival Ticket    25 €
Single Day Festival Ticket    15 €

Um ein Ticket zu erstehen, schreibt eine E-mail an:


In der Mail sollten folgende Informationen von Euch enthalten sein:

- Wie viele Tickets ihr bestellen wollt.
- Euren Namen und Anschrift.
- Falls ihr vom Bahnhof abgeholt werden wollt, teilt uns das hier bitte schon mit (und beachtet bitte die Punkte unter Arrival

Ihr erhaltet dann eine Bestätigungsmail in der euch die Rechnungsnummer, die ihr auf der Überweisung angeben müsst, mitgeteilt wird. Eine Rechnungsnummer ist für die genaue Zuordnung eurer Bestellung unbedingt anzugeben!

Commerzbank Tirschenreuth
Kontonummer:    251139200
Bankleitzahl:    781 400 00

To buy a ticket please write us an e-mail to:


Your mail should contain following information:- How much tickets you want.
- Your name and adress.
- If you want to travel by train mention this! We can offer you a bus from train station to Void Fest. (Read more information at Arrival)

You will receive a confirmation mail which will give you an invoice number. Please refer to that number on your transaction. The invoice number is necessary for a clear assignment to your order.

Commerzbank Tirschenreuth
Kontonummer:    251139200
Bankleitzahl:    781 400 00


Park- & Campingmöglichkeiten direkt neben
dem Festivalgelände. (und kostenlos)
Parking lots and campsite is right next to
the festival ground. (and for free)

Auf dem Festivalgelände ist das Mitführen von Getränken verboten. Unsere Getränke sind äußerst preiswert!
It's not allowed to bring food and/or drinks to the festival area. Our stuff is gonna be cheap!